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PI’s NeoSync™ connectivity solution wins Good Design Award

Hannah KennerCorporate Communications Manager

PI’s Digital team picked up a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Digital Design category at the 2022 Australian Good Design Awards, for its NeoSync: Transforming Point-of-Care Testing connectivity solution.

The annual Good Design Awards is Australia’s oldest and most prestigious international awards, recognizing outstanding design and innovation. This year, more than 900 design submissions were received. 

Projects recognized with a Good Design Award demonstrate excellence in professional design and highlight the impact a design-led approach has on business success and social and environmental outcomes. Remarks from the Good Design Awards Jury included: “An innovative solution to combat error-prone point-of-care testing – through cloud connectivity, the idea of manual data entry from practitioners is eliminated and makes the entire process simply and easy.”

NeoSync is an out-of-the-box solution tailored to offer cloud connectivity for medical devices. Vendors can use NeoSync to remotely update firmware, gather instrument data and insights and troubleshoot devices remotely – reducing downtime and optimizing both device performance and customer service. 

Qerim Shahini, NeoSync’s Head of Product, said: “NeoSync challenges the status quo, unlocking instrument insights and empowering vendors to improve and support their instruments more effectively.

“As a platform, NeoSync has lightweight yet strong integration capabilities, providing agile means of getting results to clinicians faster.

“All of this means that the vendors, clinicians and most importantly, the patients, experience better outcomes – we are thrilled to have this recognized with a Good Design Award,” he said.

NeoSync gives vendors access to real-time data usage from the fleet of instruments globally, which may include parameters like lab workflow and calibration data. Field service and customer support staff are also able to operate more efficiently, effectively, and proactively by accessing and troubleshooting device diagnostics data remotely.

The jury was impressed with the way that NeoSync allows vendors to customize their Vendor Portal with personalized dashboards, meaning instrument usage data is translated into insights through data visualization and smart alerts. As a result, device vendors can provide better customer service experience, reduce cost to serve and benefit from the practical, actionable insights about their fleet of products.

NeoSync embeds diagnostic devices into clinic workflows, offering seamless integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Automated data management speeds up the point-of-care testing workflow while lowering the risk of errors at the same time. For clinicians, the need for manual data entry is eliminated and they benefit from faster access to test results, in-built security, privacy and regulatory compliance, and standardized quality control measures.

PI Digital’s General Manager, Kaushal Vyas, commended the team involved in the development of NeoSync.

“In creating NeoSync, we wanted to develop a solution that helps vendors embed their devices in clinical workflows, as well as making clinicians’ lives easier.

“Until now, many device vendors have had limited, if any, remote visibility into their products.

“NeoSync addresses this problem – vendors can now assess the health of all their instrument fleet at a glance, whether that is a few devices or thousands of devices.

“It is a privilege for our innovative thinking and design to be recognized at this level and I extend my congratulations to all the team members involved,” he said.

Awards were held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on Friday 16 September, after a two-year hiatus of face-to-face ceremonies. The Australian and international design community came together with over one thousand guests attending on the night.

If you’re interested in seeing how NeoSync can help you save time-to-market on contemporary cloud connectivity for your instrument, please see more details here.

Hannah Kenner Corporate Communications Manager
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Hannah was the Corporate Communications Manager at Planet Innovation. Experienced in both private and public sectors, Hannah is a strategic communications specialist who loves uncovering, exploring and sharing the stories that shape businesses.

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