Planet Innovation provides contract design and manufacturing expertise to companies producing instruments and consumables for the cell and gene therapy industry. We specialize in developing closed processing solutions that support the autologous manufacturing workflow.

We have an expert in-house laboratory team as well as built-for-purpose facilities, including multiple cleanrooms and manufacturing equipment, that enable us to provide you with the necessary skills all under one roof.

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PI has a large team of designers, engineers, manufacturing specialists and cell therapy experts all under one roof. We understand that the cell and gene therapy manufacturing process is complex – so when developing any individual unit solution, it is critical to understand the upstream and downstream interfaces. PI’s end-to-end services also include digital capabilities to complement our instrument and consumable expertise.


PI operates world-class facilities that include fully equipped medical development laboratories, specialist wet lab facilities for live cell handling, 120,000 sq.ft. of ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing floor space and ISO Class 7 cleanrooms. We have rigorous quality systems and a disciplined approach to delivering the highest standard of products to our clients.


From counterflow centrifugation systems used for cell wash and concentration steps, to single use disposable kits, PI has deep experience in helping companies produce solutions that reduce the time and cost of manufacturing cell and gene therapy products. For over 10 years we have partnered with world-leading companies to help them develop their custom solutions and advance the cell and gene therapy industry.

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Why creating a successful cell and gene therapy manufacturing tool is about so much more than core tech

Product Development

Developing an instrument that automates the cell and gene therapy workflow is no easy task. Your core tech, while critical, is only one part of the overall development, there is so much more that determines the success of your product. Brian Hanrahan shares 4 key tips for creating a successful cell therapy manufacturing tool.

Manufacturing-led innovation – the flywheel effect that drives ongoing product development


At PI, we use a feedback loop – using the market-informed insights gained from manufacturing to then inform the design of an improved product, an adjacent complementary product or even an innovative, second-generation product.

Stuart Elliott’s 3 Laws of Commercialization


Inventing a great product is pointless if nobody buys it. In my years in the medtech industry, I’ve discovered there are three fundamental laws of commercialization that you need to consider early in the product development process if you are to be successful.

PI to manufacture Scinogy’s new cell processing system for cell therapy manufacture


Planet Innovation is partnering with Melbourne-based start-up Scinogy to manufacture a revolutionary new cell processing system that is being commercialized by global biotechnology company Thermo Fisher Scientific.