About us

Planet Innovation is a healthtech innovation and commercialization company that exists to create breakthrough products and commercially successful businesses that transform industries and have a positive impact on the world.

We have our own portfolio of businesses, and also partner with world-leading organizations to help them create game-changing innovations to grow their business.

We have selected over 250 of the brightest people, gathered deep market insights and developed a full spectrum of commercialization capabilities to help us build the future.

Our origins taught us the value of market insight

Planet Innovation was formed in 2009 by four globally experienced biomedical executives who knew there was a better way to develop products and grow businesses. Our approach involves a ‘market-pull’ orientation rather than ‘technology-push’. By gathering deep market insight before building the technology solutions, we ensure there is both a customer and a market willingness to embrace the products and businesses we develop.

We are commercial thinkers

Our strong commercial mindset is a key aspect of Planet Innovation’s approach to building products and building businesses, and it all starts with hiring entrepreneurial thinkers who possess both technical expertise and commercial acumen.

Our broad team includes experts in how to research, design, engineer, manufacture, fund and market new products globally. Combining an experienced front-end strategy capability with a powerful execution team is a unique quality of Planet Innovation.

We encourage a spirit of entrepreneurship

We believe that to attract and retain the best people in the world, we need to provide an environment that is fun, challenging and allows people’s talents to shine. We encourage all our staff to look deeply into growing markets and challenge the status quo. We support them as they find unmet market needs and suggest new product and commercial ideas. This is the true spirit of entrepreneurship and the heart and soul of Planet Innovation.

We support our clients in unique ways

In addition to accessing our services, many of our clients benefit from leveraging our re-usable hardware and software platforms, and some prefer to order complete, commercially available products.

Our business divisions include:

PI Design services

Our PI Design division provides specialist services for the development of regulated biomedical products and hi-tech connected devices. We excel at exploiting the technology convergence between sectors such as Diagnostics, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Industrial and Consumer products.

PI Manufacturing services

Planet Innovation has its own internal manufacturing division for the manufacture of regulated products. We have considerable experience managing ISO 13485:2016 compliant medical device contract manufacturing, utilizing lean manufacturing principles.

PI Labs

PI Labs is our internal division dedicated to incubating early stage ventures. We seek and address unmet needs in high-growth, global markets that the Planet Innovation team is well-positioned to exploit. We seed and explore early stage ventures based on strong market insight and a rapid time-to-market approach that allows us, or our partners, to quickly generate early customers.

PI Businesses

Planet Innovation’s corporate strategy is to incubate, grow and, at the right time, spin off high value technology businesses as independent entities. As each venture reaches an appropriate level of maturity it is spun off from the Planet Innovation parent company as a stand-alone entity, including securing direct capital funding to provide financial independence.