Corporate Strategy

Planet Innovation (PI) is a diversified technology commercialization company with a portfolio of high-growth ventures.

We exist to develop high-impact technology solutions that provide a strong commercial return while having a positive impact on the world. We focus on niche, but critical problems within large, fast growing global markets such as reducing global energy consumption and improving the lives of patients around the world.

Our corporate strategy is to leverage the parenting advantage of our core PI team to incubate, grow and, at the right time, exit our high-growth ventures.

Our current portfolio of ventures includes:

  • Zen Ecosystems: An intelligent energy management solution targeting commercial buildings.
  • Lumos Diagnostics: Point-of-care diagnostic solutions for clinical and consumer applications.
  • Vitalic Medical: A connected health monitoring platform that improves patient management.

PI applies a methodology, known as the PI PlaybookTMfor developing and launching new ventures. The market-centric approach relies on ‘market pull’ rather than ‘technology push’ to define the nature of the innovative solution and greatly increase the likelihood of successful market adoption.


PI Playbook

Our Playbook results in rapid market entry, high impact solutions and high value returns through the introduction of new products that are layered on top of any initial hardware platforms we deploy.

The PI parent company is acclaimed as Australia’s Most Innovative Company and provides product development and contract manufacturing services to many of the world’s most successful organizations. It has over 200 commercial and technical professionals who provide the foundation for nurturing and successfully launching its ventures.


Current Ventures

Zen Ecosystems

An intelligent energy management solution targeting commercial buildings.

The energy industry is facing major pressures including rising energy costs, security of supply issues and the emergence of distributed energy solutions.

Zen Ecosystems is a cloud-based energy management solution, connected to a smart thermostat, which addresses the gap in the market where 86% of all commercial buildings in the USA have no energy management solution. Zen is generating and analyzing real-time HVAC and environmental data from its commercial customers and intends to launch new services that improve energy efficiency and productivity at the grid-edge.


Lumos Diagnostics

Point-of-care diagnostic solutions for clinical and consumer applications.

There is a global trend towards lowering the cost and inconvenience of performing diagnostic testing for applications where an immediate diagnosis can have a dramatic impact on patient outcomes, such as infectious diseases (e.g. influenza), cardiac (e.g. troponin), cancer, drugs of abuse and fertility / pregnancy.

Lumos Diagnostics applies a combination of world-leading platform technologies with solution capability to address many of the fundamental limitations of point-of-care diagnostic tests.  The technology enables point of care testing for a wide range of infectious diseases at a price point that the market can afford and at a sensitivity and specificity comparable to many laboratory based tests. Our connected solutions also enable the collection of valuable patient data that can drive new services and greater care.


Vitalic Medical

A connected patient monitoring platform that improves patient management.

National health systems are struggling to reduce costs while at the same time improve their care and monitoring of patients. The state-of-the-art for patient monitoring in many hospital wards remains very manual and reliant on health care worker skills and diligence, in many ways unchanged in over 100 years. Current technology monitoring systems are either too expensive or fully-wired and impractical for wide-spread deployment.

Vitalic Medical intelligently connects patients and health professionals so all patients at risk of falls or rapid deterioration can be managed effectively through a single dashboard for nursing staff and clinicians. The platform integrates innovative hardware and intelligent analytics to redefine the health economics of patient monitoring.