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We have our own portfolio of businesses, and also partner with world-leading organizations to help them create game-changing innovations to grow their business. To achieve this, we have hand-selected over 250 of the brightest people, gathered deep market insights and developed a full spectrum of commercialization capability to help us build the future.
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Zen Ecosystems has received a major grant by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to help secure Australia’s energy supplies during times of peak demand. Zen Ecosystems will roll out its smart Zen Thermostats and innovative Zen HQ platform to aggregate and control heating and cooling of predominantly multi-site commercial buildings.

Author: 1 year ago

Innovation is a combination of key ingredients that deliver innovative thinking and behaviour. I recently spoke about four key ingredients Planet Innovation has used since its formation to drive innovation as it commercialises technology. You can watch my video here, and see if your company has these four ingredients in its mix.

Author: 2 years ago

Tomas Stojanov has been an integral part of an extremely successful network of invitro-fertilisation (IVF) clinics in his role as the CEO of fertility group Genea, but his personal dream is to do more. He wanted to change the world of IVF to benefit his company, his industry and most importantly his patients.

Author: 4 years ago

In my experience, there are common themes that link the failure of new products, and I am often asked by anxious entrepreneurs for my top tips on preventing their products from becoming landfill and, by corollary, how they can make their products successful.

Author: 4 years ago

Despite 30 years of IVF practice the process of freezing human embryos, known as vitrification, has remained extremely manual and susceptible to errors and inconsistencies by embryologists. In 2009, Genea Biomedx teamed up with Planet Innovation to solve this challenge by automating IVF vitrification and finally making the process consistent and standardised for labs around the world.

Author: 5 years ago

With rising energy prices, and a move towards time-of-use tariffs, PI’s innovation team thought that what was needed was an intelligent hot water system for consumers that was a one-size fits all, stand-alone solution to simplify installation for plumbers.

Author: 5 years ago

We are excited to announce the opening of our new US office. This new office, based in Chicago, is part of our long term commitment to providing exceptional client service and assisting our partners with commercialising new technologies in the US and global markets.

Author: 6 years ago