PI establishes large-scale manufacturing for global diagnostics company at its facility in Irvine, CA

Planet Innovation is set to manufacture 1,000 instruments each month for a global diagnostics client at its Irvine, California, facility.

PI was awarded the manufacturing contract for the market-leading instrument in mid-2023 and had the production line up and running within a few months.

While the majority of the instruments produced are for use in the United States, PI is also producing several different variations for global markets.

Kurt Pickle, Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Operations at PI, commented: “This manufacturing partnership speaks to PI’s ability to manufacture diagnostic instruments at scale. With our modern manufacturing facility and customer-centric approach, underpinned by lean principles, we are able to offer clients a manufacturing partner that can scale with their needs and still provide personalized service.”

PI opened its 70,000 sq. ft. ISO 13485-certified manufacturing facility in Irvine in October 2022, complementing its existing facilities in Melbourne, Australia.

In addition to its expansive production space, PI has a range of specialized facilities including ISO Class 7 cleanrooms and wet labs.

PI manufactures a range of products including regulated medical devices and consumables ranging from small, hand-held instruments through to large, complex floor-standing instruments.

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