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Medical device vendors no longer left in the dark thanks to NeoSync™ connectivity solution

Kaushal VyasGeneral Manager, PI Digital

Until now, many device vendors have had limited, if any, remote visibility into their products.

This means that as their new diagnostic or medical devices are being developed, run through clinical trials, or rolled out to the field, there is limited real-time view of their fleet of instruments. There is no real time visibility into the status, performance, or errors with their instruments; and limited ability to perform over-the-air software upgrades until an engineer or technician physically attends the device. This can be a frustrating, costly, and inefficient way of developing and managing a fleet of contemporary medical products.

While bespoke connectivity solutions can be built for each type of device, this adds additional complexity and cost to what is often an already stretched development project. Conventional off-the-shelf solutions currently available are either quite expensive or not tailored for medical devices.

Planet Innovation has addressed this problem for its clients with NeoSync. The out of the box solution tailored to offer cloud connectivity for medical devices. Vendors can use NeoSync to remotely update firmware, gather instrument data and insights, troubleshoot devices remotely – reducing downtime and optimizing both device performance and customer service.

NeoSync allows vendors to customize their Vendor Portal with personalized dashboards – meaning that instrument usage data is translated into insights through data visualization and smart alerts.

A vendor can assess the health of all their instrument fleet at a glance, which could range from just a few devices to thousands of devices, or they can choose to view dashboards based on individual sites or geographies. A device vendor can instantly drill down into the details of a single instrument by simply selecting the Device View dashboard where configurable widgets display everything from test history and temperature cycles to detailed log files.  

Key performance indicators are placed front and center of the dashboards, enabling vendors to easily identify opportunities for improvement and monitoring device performance in real time.

As a result, device vendors can provide better customer service experience, reduce cost to serve and benefit from practical insights about their fleet of products.

If you’re interested in seeing how NeoSync can help you save time-to-market on contemporary cloud connectivity for your instrument, please see more details here.

Kaushal Vyas General Manager, PI Digital
Kaushal Vyas

Kaushal was the General Manager of PI Digital. He draws on his extensive strategy experience to partner with clients to understand their strategy, identify opportunities for digital innovation, develop practical roadmaps and deliver successful solutions to the market.

Kaushal Vyas

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