NeoSync makes your device invaluable to clinics by connecting to EHRs, simplifying data admin, and enabling remote device management including over-the-air upgrades and remote troubleshooting.

Busy clinics are demanding smarter POC testing solutions

Logging testing data is a time-consuming process that takes clinicians away from patients. NeoSync automates the process.

*Halliday S. 2021. ‘Point-of-care (POC) Usage Survey’, Unpublished market research. Planet Innovation.

NeoSync is a ready-to-use connectivity solution that embeds your device in clinic workflows

NeoSync offers flexible configurations enabling your POC device to fit seamlessly into clinic workflows, while also offering remote device management and insights to clinics and device vendors.

Seamless EHR integration

Compliant and secure plug-and-play integration with most EHRs.

Automated data management

Speed up the POC testing workflow while lowering the risk of errors at the same time.

  • Eliminate need for manual data uploading
  • Faster access to test results
  • In-built security, privacy, and regulatory compliance
  • Standardized quality control measures

Vendor device insights

Capture valuable information on device use and performance through your vendor portal.

  • User-behavior insights offer evidence-based approach to new feature development and product pipeline strategy.
  • Save on maintenance costs by pushing real-time software updates and troubleshooting errors.

Clinic device management

Enable clinics to increase efficiencies through a cloud-based device management system:

  • Enterprises can monitor and manage a fleet of instruments across multiple clinics.
  • Re-order consumables from one place.
  • Streamline quality and compliance reporting.

Compliant and secure by design

NeoSync is a Planet Innovation product that is compliant with regulatory and privacy standards. It is built to meet the stringent regulatory requirements as defined by the IEC 62304 standard, a harmonized standard which describes requirements for the use of software as a medical device. NeoSync is compliant with patient privacy standards, including HIPAA and GDPR.

Take your POC device to the next level

Unlock connectivity and make your device invaluable to clinics with NeoSync.