PI’s BRIGHT process is our fundamental innovation process that underpins all of our product development and commercialisation activities.

It is a structured approach that ensures problems are properly defined and the right solutions are generated. It is based on the design thinking methodology of separating problem and solution spaces.

The first three elements of the BRIGHT process, Brief, Research, and Immersion ensure we have the highest quality inputs into the subsequent concept generation stage.


This activity aims to collate problem statements and drill into the root causes to fully understand the problems we are trying to solve. We also make sure we fully understand any technical or commercial constraints that might exist and their associated implications.


Researching the competitive landscape and other research, such as existing technologies allows us to see how others may have already solved the same or similar problems and ensures we are not re-inventing the wheel, so-to-speak. Importantly, it also ensure we are not likely to infringe on existing IP.


Immersion involves interviewing and speaking with all stakeholders including, not just customers and end users (VOC), but internal stakeholders such as sales & marketing, service, regulatory etc. Design for Excellence (DfX) criteria can also be discussed and prioritised during immersion.


The last three elements of the BRIGHT process, Generate, Harvest, and Top Ideas is where we generate solutions and concepts then efficiently assess them to select the best solution to a given problem.

Generate Ideas

Specifically targeted ideation sessions are conducted to generate a range of relevant concepts and ideas. The quality of concepts is always much greater as a result of the rigour and discipline of the BRI preparation beforehand.


Candidate concept ideas and solutions are collated in a trade-off matrix where we asses each of them against design criteria that includes constraints, other priorities and selection criteria determined in the BRI stages.

Top Ideas

The selected Top Idea(s) are then further refined and scrutinised from an engineering and design perspective in preparation for final presentation and review with all stakeholders.


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