Industrial Design

Crafting intuitive, beautiful, award-winning products that differentiate you from your competitors.

We define a product’s physical form, features and finish from sketch through to production. We are healthcare product specialists, with a deep understanding of the regulatory standards for medical products. Our team is experienced in designing everything from wearable devices, through consumables, handheld, and benchtop devices, to large scale, complex laboratory instruments.

We take a user-centric and market-focused approach, ensuring that your products don’t just look amazing, but are user-friendly, practical and cost-effective. As an end-to-end design and manufacturing company, we work closely with engineering teams every step of the way to help you make the best technical and commercial decisions for your product.

Key Principles
1. Collaborative – The nexus of engineering, commercial, marketing and your customers
2. End-to-end – Supporting the product from concept through to manufacturing transfer
3. User centric – Ensuring that the product expectations are aligned with the users’ needs
4. Medical Focus – Specialized understanding of the design nuances in the medical industry

Discovery and Strategy
The industrial design team leverage design thinking frameworks to help align internal stakeholders on how the physical attributes of a new device will support the user, business, and market needs. We also work in harmony with other elements of the product service system to ensure a fully integrated approach to your product and service. Structured co-design sessions allow us to clearly define problems and rapidly generate a wide variety of potential solutions.

Concept Exploration and Refinement
We work with you to explore a range of forms, with a focus on primary user interactions, brand alignment and market positioning. Embracing new design trends and leveraging new techniques is balanced with achieving a timeless design aesthetic appropriate for products with longer lifecycles, such as medical devices. Traditional sketching is supported by photo realistic renders, animations and in some cases Virtual Reality to help visualize how the final product will look and work in harmony with the user interface, consumables, and hardware touch points.

Prototyping and User Engagement
We speak with and observe target users in their environments at key points throughout development to ensure acceptance prior to committing engineering development cost. We create rapid sketch models, 3D prints and higher fidelity prototypes at 1:1 scale to assess ergonomics, product weight, footprint, handle fit, screen angles and general fit. This process is underpinned by Human Factors and Usability Engineering best practice in accordance with IEC 62366-1:2015 to ensure successful regulatory approval where necessary.

Design for Excellence (DFX)
Even at the early stages of concept generation we consider the most appropriate materials and manufacturing processes to meet the required quality, cost-of-goods and development timelines. The industrial designers work side-by-side with mechanical, electronics, manufacturing, and commercial teams to ensure the designs are feasible without compromising on design intent. Effective Colors, Materials and Finish (CMF) elevate how people perceive the quality of the product and overall brand.

Holistic Approach
The usability, customer experience and on-market success of contemporary products is achieved through sensitive consideration of all aspects of the ecosystem. For example, the insertion of a consumable may be triggered by an LED, guided by animations on a user interface and monitored via a cloud connected service dashboard. PI brings a holistic approach to industrial design, user interface design, multimedia design, human factors and usability engineering to bring harmony throughout your customer journey.