Planet Innovation ranks in Australia’s top 10 Most Innovative Company list for 3rd straight year

For the third year in a row, Planet Innovation has been honored with a top-ranking position on the prestigious BRW* Most Innovative Company list.

After debuting on the list in 2012 in eighth place and topping the list in 2013, Planet Innovation is thrilled to once again be named among the top 10 most innovative Australian companies, this year ranking at number three.

PI’s capacity to disrupt industries through the launch of new products such as Genea Biomedx’s IVF imaging incubator, GERI, and a smart home thermostat called Zen is due to the caliber of the company’s clients, staff, partners and suppliers, Planet Innovation’s managing director, Stuart Elliott, said, thanking them all for another fantastic year.

These two products in particular have sparked strong reactions from the global market place and exemplify breakthroughs in the connected health and smart home products that PI is pioneering.

“Every one of Planet Innovation’s 100+ staff is considered a part of our innovation team. I’ve seen everyone from our receptionist to our accounts clerk involved in the ideation and testing of new products,” Stuart said.

“This holistic approach to team involvement, which also involves clients and partners, strengthens our overall resource pool for innovation. It also requires us to recruit people with more than just great technical skills but with resilience and diverse thinking styles. At PI if someone happens to think in an unorthodox way, we generally see that as a benefit.”

Success has its downsides of course. Planet Innovation staff are packing up their desks to move to new premises for the third time in four years! PI’s market success demands more room for its growing manufacturing operations and health technology division.

Stuart said the company’s secret was its market focus.

“At PI, we recognize that the success of our innovations is ultimately determined by the market. We therefore consider commercial success to be the ultimate measure of success. So we thank BRW and Inventium for another strong ranking but most of all we thank our clients who trust us to take on the big challenges and deliver innovative products, year after year, that improve the lives of people everywhere,” Stuart said.

Since this article was published, the BRW’s Most Innovative Company list has become the AFR Most Innovative Company list

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