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Nplex point-of-care diagnostic platform to deliver connected solution

Sacha DopheideGM - Australia, Lumos Diagnostics

Planet Innovation’s PoC (point-of-care) diagnostic platform, Nplex*, will benefit from further investment to develop a cloud-connected medical counter-measures device, for the rapid detection of infectious diseases.

The Nplex technology is ideally suited for applications where high sensitivity, multiplexed assay systems are needed for the rapid identification of infectious agents, especially in remote locations.

The collaborative project is part of a Medical Counter Measures (MCM) program established by the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC), which conducted an extensive solicitation process. The MCM program will advance the development of a range of technologies to enhance the protection of Australian military and civilian personnel against Chemical, Biological and Radiological threats, emerging infectious diseases and pandemics.

After a successful $8.2m capital raise in 2015, Planet Innovation is commercializing a range of revolutionary technologies across global industry sectors such as PoC, health monitoring and energy management.

The DMTC project comes less than 12 months after Nplex secured contracts with a large, global pharmaceutical company and a US-based assay development group. The MCM program objective is to deliver solutions and strategies benefiting civilian and military health through a focus on PoC Diagnostics, Antimicrobial Resistance and Security Sensitive Biological Agents.

The Nplex MCM device will be a field-deployable, PoC diagnostic testing system that will rapidly detect and differentiate multiple infectious disease agents within a single test cartridge. Wireless connection of the device to cloud-based platforms via Smartphone will provide the ability to track outbreaks as they happen in real time minimizing the spread of disease.


*Nplex is now part of Lumos Diagnostics

Sacha Dopheide GM - Australia, Lumos Diagnostics
Sacha Dopheide

Sacha is General Manager – Australia and Chief Technology Officer of Lumos Diagnostics. Sacha has over 10 years’ experience in the development of diagnostic biomedical instrumentation, associated assays and reagent test kits. Sacha has strong expertise in translating bench assays onto automated platforms and working closely with engineering teams to develop diagnostic solutions.

Sacha Dopheide

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