The Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) in New York recognise Planet Innovation with two Gold Awards

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Planet Innovation was a standout performer picking up two of the highest honours at this year’s MDEAs for innovation in medical product design and engineering.

Planet Innovation and its partner, Genea Biomedx, picked up MDEA Gold Awards for Genea’s Gavi and Geri medical instruments.

Gavi is the world’s first instrument to automate IVF vitrification, the process of freezing embryos for use in later cycles. By automating and standardising the process, historically a manual process subject to variability, Gavi aims to improve patient outcomes and the likelihood of patients taking home a healthy baby.

Geri is the world’s first incubator that combines a low-cost imaging system within each individually controlled patient incubator chamber. Embryologists can assess embryo development without taking the embryo out of its optimal environment. High-quality time-lapse images are taken while the embryo remains safe within Geri.

The winners are chosen by an impartial panel of judges comprised of clinicians, engineers and designers with years of experience in the industry. Judgement is based on five criteria, including design and engineering innovations, functional innovations, benefits to overall healthcare, benefits to patients, and competitive landscape.

Troy O’Callaghan, Executive Director at Planet Innovation, received the award on behalf of Planet Innovation and GeneaBiomedx, “Planet Innovation works with clients all around the world and we pride ourselves on helping our clients think differently about every new product opportunity. That thinking starts right at the beginning when we are first exploring the gap in the market, and sculpting our client’s product roadmap. It’s about finding market insights that others may have missed and exploiting those gaps to launch a product that truly dominates a market. Planet Innovation has a strong product-market fit capability that talks to real customers and ensures the product design is optimised for the true needs of the industry.”

Roger is the Marketing Director at Planet Innovation and a specialist marketing and communications professional with a focus on growing an organisation’s reputation and revenue through strategic marketing and high-impact communications (G+).

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