PI’s Digital Health Team partner with Merck to launch QBOX IVF for improved efficiency in fertility labs

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QBOX IVF connects and streamlines data transfer between lab instruments and Electronic Medical Record providers, supporting healthcare professionals in fertility

Planet Innovation has collaborated with Merck to launch QBOX IVF, an integrated information management hub that integrates and synchronizes systems used to support fertility healthcare professionals.

QBOX IVF was developed as a result of direct feedback from healthcare professionals and serves the specific needs of all IVF stakeholders and Assisted Reproductive Treatment (ART) clinics.

Eduardo Vom, Executive Director of Planet Innovation, said: “QBOX IVF is another great example of PI’s commitment to partnering with global leading companies, like Merck, to develop and commercialize integrated digital health solutions that transform major industries.”

With lab processes getting increasingly complex, a clear need exists for increased efficiencies and automation of lab procedures while ensuring high quality and precision as well as reduction of the risk for human error. QBOX IVF is a hub that enables two-way unidirectional automated information transfer between Genea Biomedx and Merck’s clinic devices Gidget® and Geri® Connect & Assess (including Geri® Assess 2.0 and Eeva®) and industry-leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) providers, thus improving standardization and automation.

QBOX IVF offers a simple, single integration for multiple systems and reduces manual entry for users. The software minimizes the potential for human error and allows ART events to be automatically synchronized, streamlining patient data transfer during treatments across systems.

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