PI Launches New Development and Manufacturing Centre for Medical and Hi-Tech products

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At a formal ceremony attended by Australian Federal Assistant Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, Planet Innovation (PI) has officially revealed its all new centre for Product Development and Manufacturing, which occupies the entire ground floor of 436 Elgar Road Box Hill.

In front of the PI team Josh Frydenberg proudly stated, “Planet Innovation has established a major manufacturing centre for medical devices which provides a tremendous opportunity to serve global healthcare companies and ultimately improve the lives of patients around the world through the breakthrough medical innovations they are delivering.”

Take a tour of the new centre

A tour of the new centre takes visitors on a journey through a world-class facility purpose built to execute the product commercialisation process from concept to shelf.

The tour commences at the “Innovation Space” where product concepts are explored, challenged and prototyped, with a large chalk board on which staff and clients are challenged to surrender assumptions and be disruptive as they conceive new product concepts.

A series of world class laboratories and workshops then allow science and engineering teams to develop, test and collaborate on the development of sophisticated medical devices and connected products. The centre includes labs dedicated to specific functions, such as the Embryology Lab, Optics Lab and a large Reliability Lab, purpose built to test the in-market performance of all devices.

A short walk past the 3D-printer stations and confidential “build rooms” is the ISO 13485 manufacturing centre specialising in the production of regulated medical devices. From hand-held point-of-care devices to large lab automation instruments, the centre incorporates lean manufacturing operations to produce sophisticated products that are exported worldwide.

Your tour concludes at the product display gallery which showcases a range of in-market products that PI has helped its global clients successfully take from idea to market.

To book your tour or discover how Planet Innovation embeds commercial thinking throughout the entire product development journey, please contact us.

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