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Evident Corporation and Planet Innovation enter into long-term strategic partnership

Roger LangsdonMarketing Director

Planet Innovation (“PI”), a healthtech contract design and manufacturing company, and Evident Corporation (“Evident”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus Corporation constituting its former Scientific Solutions business and a global leader in microscopy and imaging solutions, today announced a long-term strategic partnership to develop and manufacture innovative digital workflow solutions for life science markets.

The new partnership agreement further strengthens the relationship which has been built over a number of years through the successful R&D collaboration for the design of new, breakthrough instruments.

PI CEO, Stuart Elliott, said, “Evident and PI share a common purpose of making people’s lives healthier, safer and more fulfilling.  By leveraging PI’s combination of design innovation and manufacturing capabilities we believe we are a perfect partner to support Evident on this quest.”

Evident Head of Life Science Strategy, Motoki Inoue, commented, “Evident’s goal is to provide products and services that support our customers as they advance the standard of life science around the world. Our collaboration with PI will support us as we continue to expand our range of advanced solutions.”

Roger Langsdon Marketing Director
Roger Langsdon

Roger is the Marketing Director at Planet Innovation and a specialist marketing and communications professional with a focus on growing an organization’s reputation and revenue through strategic marketing and high-impact communications.

Roger Langsdon

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