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Cole-Parmer puts user experience at the forefront with new peristaltic pump series

Suraya SalehMarketing Communications Manager

Cole-Parmer* has launched its new Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Pump series, a refresh of its Reglo range of compact benchtop peristaltic** pumps.

Designed for the R&D and analytical laboratory markets with a secondary focus on drug discovery and other low-flow applications within the biopharma and biotech industries, the new pumps are not so much an evolution, but a revolution of the popular Reglo range.

Cole-Parmer partnered with Planet Innovation to introduce a greatly enhanced user experience, internet connectivity, increased functionality and improved performance.

The pump’s new intuitive touchscreen interface makes it simple for users to program all pump parameters even when wearing gloves. Users can select different modes to suit their needs, including continuous flow mode, time dispensing mode and volumetric dispensing mode.

Thanks to the addition of internet connectivity, users can also control and monitor their pump remotely through Cole-Parmer’s secure cloud-based MasterflexLive® platform.

Gregg Johnson, Senior Global Product Manager at Cole-Parmer, said the new pump series is much more user friendly than its predecessor.

“Our customers have been saying how much more intuitive the pump is. It’s easier to use, and much more understandable to follow because it guides users through the process of adding specific parameters. It’s simple, intuitive and accessible – you could basically just take it out of the box and plug it in and be ready to go,” Gregg said.

Customers can choose from a variety of pump heads and roller configurations. The multichannel cassette cartridge and Miniflex® pump heads are now on the market, with piston and gear pumps due to launch in coming weeks.

The pumps offer a range of new features based on customer feedback, including antidrip technology to help conserve valuable samples and speed ramping to prevent spillage on fluids with lower viscosity.

Cole-Parmer’s engineering team worked very closely with PI on the project.

Gregg said: “Working with Planet Innovation has been a great partnership for us. The development process and communication were very good, very professional. Planet Innovation provided good on-line collaboration tools for project progress and ‘bug-tracking’.”

“I think the output is a top-notch product that our company will sell with pride and our customers can be happy to use.”

The new platform is the first in a series of pump upgrades, with the touchscreen interface and cloud connectivity due to be rolled out to the entire Masterflex range.

Anthony White, President PI North America, said he was very proud of the redesigned pumps.

“Cole-Parmer has a tremendous history and is an extremely well-regarded provider of products to the life sciences, biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Their peristaltic pumps are extremely reliable, and it’s been a real pleasure working with the team at Cole-Parmer to upgrade the user experience,” Anthony said.

“We’re really proud of this new product being launched; we see exciting opportunities to continue to work with Cole Parmer.”

*In February 2021, Cole-Parmer changed its name to Antylia Scientific. The Cole-Parmer brand now forms part of its life sciences portfolio, while the Masterflex brand is part of its bioprocessing portfolio.

**In peristaltic pumps, fluid is transported through flexible tubing, preventing contamination and making the pump easy to maintain. A drive system turns a set of rollers which squeeze the tubing as they rotate, creating a vacuum that draws fluid through the tubing. This gif shows how peristaltic pumps work.

Suraya Saleh Marketing Communications Manager
Suraya Saleh

Suraya is the Marketing Communications Manager at Planet Innovation. A former journalist, Suraya is passionate about telling engaging stories for companies that have a positive impact on the world.

Suraya Saleh

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