Federal Treasurer Commends PI for Global Leadership in Medtech Innovation

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The Australian Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, met with PI founders Stuart Elliott, Sam Lanyon, Troy O’Callaghan and Eduardo Vom, before touring the Planet Innovation facility and addressing the national media. Here is a transcript from his media interview, which was broadcast live through national news broadcasters.

Australian Federal Treasurer Meets PI directors

“I want to start by thanking Julia for inviting me here today to meet Stuart and Sam. This is an incredibly energising story. We’ve moved around the facility here today to see the number of people, 100 more people being taken on over the last year or so. This is a business that is smart, it’s innovative, it’s passionate, it is breaking new ground. From day dot, it was breaking into global markets. It continues to invest in itself and it continues to invest in its people. Their employee share ownership schemes that they drive here, giving people the incentive to come here and work and be innovative and create new value for people, and they are dealing with technology here that changes people’s lives. I mean, I’ve had some experience of this, and to see the technology today to what I saw 20 years ago is very, very different and I think it is a great blessing to those people who are now dealing with the medical issues, and challenges, whether it’s fertility and things like that, and getting that rapid information. And that those products that are meeting the market is tremendously exciting and that it’s all happening here in Chisholm, Box Hill, linking up with the collaboration with the university sector, but most importantly the clinicians. That’s what drives R&D.”

– Australian Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison.

Australian Federal Treasurer Visits PI

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