Early Stage Venture incubation

PI Labs is our internal division dedicated to seeking and addressing unmet needs in high-growth, global markets which the Planet Innovation team is well positioned to exploit. We seed and explore early stage ventures around strong market insight and a rapid time-to-market approach that allows us to quickly generate early customers and a product/service mix that amplifies enterprise value in each business.

Our ventures are driven by market pull rather than technology push. At any point in time PI Labs is incubating a portfolio of venture businesses that may be applying technology developed by Planet Innovation or licensed from an external partner to address a proven market need. PI Labs has a proven track record with the successful incubation and launch of Zen Ecosystems and Lumos Diagnostics.


We leverage the scale of our business to systematically identify and validate market opportunities with exciting commercial prospects.


Good product-market fit is vital to the success of a venture. We perform market assessment, customer journey mapping and in-depth interviews to identify where the ‘market pull’ is strongest and therefore most likely to lead to commercial success.


We use a range of design and prototyping skills to test new product concepts quickly and assess market reaction. By remaining technology agnostic and focussing on the market need, we are able to test ideas in the market and identify complementary technologies available for purchase, licence or development.


We develop a comprehensive commercial strategy including product, pricing, channel, business model, branding, capital, team and market opportunity in preparation for launching the venture. Our global commercialization team has strong relationships with a range of international channel partners, which allows us to define the commercial strategy for a product even before technology development begins


PI Labs leverages a range of ‘technology building blocks’ to dramatically reduce the time, cost and risk to deliver a product to market. One of these key building blocks is our Digital Health Platform, which is a medically compliant digital fog & cloud infrastructure that can be repurposed for each new venture.