Creating intuitive and delightful user interfaces for a seamless experience across all your product’s digital touchpoints.

Our UI/UX team is experienced in designing user interfaces for a range of applications including device embedded screens, mobile and web apps, and wearables. We take a user-centric approach to consider all aspects of the product ecosystem and collaborate with firmware and software teams from concept to release to expedite delivery and ensure the final experience is safe, simple and seamless.

User Centric

Ensuring that the product expectations are aligned with the user’s needs

Agile Approaches

Building lean products fast to test the market and learn quickly


The nexus of engineering, commercial, marketing and your customers

Medical Focus

Specialized understanding of the design nuances in the medical industry

Discovery & Strategy

At the outset, we consider the long-term product vision. We map the end-to-end user experience to determine how the first software release will deliver the highest commercial value and form a solid foundation for future releases. This Story Mapping process is collaborative and directly informs the development strategy for our firmware and software teams.

Wireframing and Workflow Development

Workflows, navigation structures and basic interface designs, known as Wireframes, can be generated rapidly to explore and iterate a variety of solutions. These are created in cloud-based tools that allow designs and interactive prototypes to be generated without any coding and accessed by you, software engineers and user-testers remotely throughout the process.

Collaboration and Validation

Designs and prototypes are developed in collaboration with software developers at every stage and validated with target users in structured feedback sessions. This process is underpinned by Human Factors and Usability Engineering best practice in accordance with IEC 62366-1:2015 to ensure successful regulatory approval where necessary. Our design team have specific knowledge and expertise in medical devices and the unique needs for these interfaces.

Visual Design and Specification

We leverage interaction design, animation, and contemporary design language to ensure solutions align with your brand vision, are appropriate for the target market and create a positive emotional connection with your customers. The result is not just a design, but a design system that can be easily referenced by software developers and forms a robust foundation for future features, modules, and products.

Holistic Approach

The success of contemporary user interface design is maximized through consideration of all aspects of the product experience in concert. For example, the detail and accuracy of on-screen workflow guidance can be leveraged to negate costly training or minimize customer service and support requests. PI brings a holistic approach to industrial design, user interface design, multimedia design, human factors and usability engineering to bring harmony throughout your customer journey.

Related Capabilities

Great product design is not an option; it’s critical for success. In each project we consider the bigger picture. We utilize a human-centred design approach to inform innovation allowing us to bring meaningful products and services to market.

Our qualified Human Factors & Usability experts will humanize your designs. We have proven experience optimizing and validating safe and effective designs for uses, users, and regulatory bodies like yours. We know and apply the human factors that provide the necessary assurance to your device.

The software team at Planet Innovation has a broad range of experience developing software for medical devices, and other domains. We apply software development best practices such as Agile Development, Continuous Integration and Test Driven Design.