Developing Tools for Cell & Gene Therapy: Funding


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Dollar signs in cells

In this article, we share insights from investors on what they prioritize when evaluating funding opportunities in the realm of cell and gene therapy tools.

Cell and Gene Therapy Expert Roundtable

How to attract funding is one of the big questions facing companies in the cell and gene therapy sector. To dig into this topic, Planet Innovation held an exclusive roundtable at Advanced Therapies Week on ‘Strategies to Attract Funding for C&GT Manufacturing Tools’.

Developing an instrument that automates the manufacturing of cell and gene therapies is no simple task. Building one that attracts funding, gets to market and operates reliably is even harder.

Brian Hanrahan, VP Cell and Gene Therapy, explains why you need to make trade-offs between instrument and disposables functionality. Find out what you need to consider when developing disposables for cell therapy manufacturing.