Planet Innovation incubates early stage ventures through its PI Labs division. We look for ventures that have a strong market need and are likely to provide a strong commercial return, while having a positive impact on the world. These could be internal ventures that exploit opportunities identified through our PI Services business, or select external companies that have been accepted into our PI Labs program.

Our current portfolio of early stage ventures includes two digital health companies: Atmo Biosciences and Vitalic Medical.

We also have two businesses which have been successfully incubated and launched as independent businesses.

Atmo Biosciences

Atmo Biosciences is a digital health business underpinned by a world-first ingestible gas-sensing capsule technology developed at RMIT University and Alfred Health.
Gut disorders are amongst the most common ailments in the world, affecting hundreds of millions of people. By directly and selectively detecting the gaseous biomarkers produced in the gut by the microbiome, Atmo’s proprietary gas sensing capsule has the potential to revolutionize gastrointestinal clinical practice and become a new gold standard for monitoring wellness.

vitalic medical

Vitalic Medical is a digital health venture partnering with leading hospital operators, including Ramsay Health Care, to improve patient safety in general wards. Vitalic Medical intelligently connects patients and health professionals so all patients at risk of falls or rapid deterioration can be managed effectively through a single dashboard for nursing staff and clinicians. The platform integrates innovative hardware and intelligent analytics to redefine the health economics of patient monitoring.