The journey to commercialization starts with the end in mind.

Planet Innovation believes that for a product to be considered successful, it must be commercially successful. Unlike many product development companies, whose engagement ends when they satisfy the technical requirements, Planet Innovation uses the extensive sales and marketing experience of its leadership team to provide full commercialization services to its clients. This may include such activities as establishing quality control, regulatory compliance, manufacturing establishment in a low cost region, route-to-market selection and negotiation, service, support, sales and marketing.  We have even seconded our staff into our client’s organisations to support commercialization activities.

Whether you use all of our commercialization services or not, you will always benefit from our thinking and our focus on the commercial success of your product.

Stage 3


  • 1Design validation.
  • 2Transfer to production.
  • 3Finalise manufacturing or process execution.
  • 4Inventory build.
  • 5Finalise market launch.
  • 6Make post-launch improvements.
  • 1Pilot production of product or process.
  • 2Transfer design control responsibilities to production.
  • 3Sustaining engineering and process improvements.
  • 4Marketing communications.
  • 5Sales and marketing tools and training.
  • 6Supply chain fully implemented contracts, order enablement, inventory management.
  • 1Regulatory approvals.
  • 2Project history archived.
  • 3Sales and Marketing plan.
  • 4Client evaluations.

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