Product-market fit means having a great product that is valued and meets the needs of a growing and sizable market. Considering product-market fit early de-risks your product development program and increases the likelihood of your product being a commercial success.

To help set you on the path to achieving product-market fit (PMF), PI has assembled a specialist team and developed a PMF program to thoroughly investigate the market and customer needs and recommend the best product solution, before you start designing.

PI’s Product-Market Fit program

Our PMF program is a structured, proven approach that focuses predominantly on the problem space rather than the technology solution. It’s aimed at identifying key market insights and testing technology solution ideas to ultimately define customer needs to fit the market. The program is designed to be flexible, scaled up or down, and customized to meet client project needs.

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PI’s Product-Market Fit team

PI’s specialist PMF team brings a design thinking approach, strategic marketing and commercial expertise, as well as digital and product development experience. This unique blend of skills, combined with our deep understanding of the healthcare market, allows us to ask better questions and gain richer insights than traditional market research companies. What’s more, we have the ability to translate key insights into target market opportunities, design goals and recommended product solutions, including the features valued by customers. This means you can head into the product development phase feeling confident you are developing the right product for the right market segment, designed to meet customer needs.

Our work

We have worked with a range of clients, from lean start-ups to large, global organizations. Our projects have varied in scope and size, including new product development, line extensions and programs to test the value of an insight. We specialize in healthcare, but our experience and expertise can also be applied to any sector that requires engineering, science, software, digital or manufacturing development. Examples include food safety, animal health and digital apps.

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