Many companies develop great products that still go on to fail in the market because they lack a strong commercial strategy.

To bridge this gap Planet Innovation built a specialised Pitch^Big team with capability to support start-ups and established companies ensure their commercial strategy is as strong as their technical strategy.

Since its creation in 2015 the Pitch^Big team has helped over 20 companies raise more than $45 million dollars and successfully launch products around the world.

The brave build products, but the smart build a commercial strategy first. Pitch^Big for commercial success.

Market Insight

A major cause of product failure is poor product-market fit. Companies guess what the market wants or rely on poor intelligence to base their decisions on. Our Pitch^Big team includes specialists from around the world experienced in testing product concepts in a way that determines exactly what the market wants and is prepared to pay for. We draw from a range of tools and techniques including market assessment, customer journey mapping, in-depth interviews, focus groups, questionnaires and conjoint analysis to determine real market needs. Our process gathers authentic customer insights that deliver winning products and commercial strategies.

Design Concepts

When trying to determine a winning product design, you often don’t need to develop a final product. We use a range of design skills and technologies to test new product concepts faster and with greater confidence than conventional methods. Building on our conceptual design, CAD and rendering, we also utilize augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D animations to test ideas with users. These technologies are frequently used as efficient ways to assess the market reaction to different product concepts without having to physically build anything, and are a key part of our Pitch^Big process.


Many start-ups become so focussed on their technology that they ignore developing their brand. It’s only when potential customers, partners and investors fail to take them seriously that they realise they have a gap. The Pitch^Big branding team produces a professional company identity in a matter of weeks that enables any company to compete on a world stage. Using our in-house marketing expertise, we have created a ‘lean-branding’ approach that can produce a professional company name, identity, website & marketing material to build a brand that has instant credibility. Brands such as Nohla Therapeutics, Zen Ecosystems, Vitalic Medical, PGH, Nplex and more were all created by the Pitch^Big lean branding team.

Business Strategy

When trying to secure customers, partners and investors, entrepreneurs need a compelling business strategy long before they need a final product. Despite this, many companies embark on a capital raise or product development with large gaps in their business plans that often prove fatal. We have built a baseline Pitch^Big slide deck template that helps all companies build a complete and compelling story. The pitch deck includes strategies around product, pricing, channel, capital, team and market opportunity. Using this approach Pitch^Big helped Zen Ecosystems launch into the USA market in 2016 and grow into a multi-million dollar business that has secured major contracts with giants Telstra, Comcast and National Stores.


Without adequate funding all start-ups, no matter how brilliant, will fail. While some are lucky enough to secure plenty of funding early on, most struggle to raise adequate capital. The Pitch^Big team, which includes Silicon Valley stars, experienced fund managers and successful entrepreneurs, has established channels to capital for both early stage and scale-up ventures. By combining market insights, design concepts, brand and business strategy, Pitch^Big has helped companies raise over $45m in funding to help them grow their business.


One of the fastest ways for companies to create value is to transform their business model. Many companies get fixed into thinking that they are purely a product company or a service company and miss rich opportunities to transform their business and their industry. By leveraging cloud-based solutions companies can offer their clients new insight into aggregated data, which in turn provides new product opportunities. Combining the power of cloud services with the emerging discipline of data science, information can be processed to build intelligent insights which can be monetised and offered as a subscription or pay per click business model. When trying to raise capital or secure strategic partnerships a diversified business model can greatly increase the value of your business.

The Pitch^Big team has worked with some of the world’s most exciting brands, including;

Merck, Nohla Therapeutics, Quidel, Haemonetics, Minelab, Zen Ecosystems, Genea, Vitalic Medical, PGH, Sports Performance Tracking, Nplex, Blamey Saunders, Cynata, Specialised Therapeutics and BlueChiip.