Telstra selects Zen Thermostat for its Smart Home Platform

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Zen Thermostat, a PI venture, has been selected by Telstra to be sold as part of its soon to be released Smart Home Platform. The deal will see Zen sold as one of the additional devices available on the Telstra Smart Home platform that is expected to be available later this year. 

Michael Joffe, General Manager of Zen Within commented, “Telstra is set to become Australia’s leading provider of smart home solutions and a key component of that is energy management in the home. Zen is delighted that after an exhaustive search Telstra has chosen Zen to be its thermostat of choice which will provide homeowners with a range of conveniences including remotely controlling the temperature of their home to saving energy on heating and cooling.” 

The Telstra Smart Home platform is designed to integrate devices from various approved suppliers, supporting a range of new products, technologies and applications controlled from a desktop, smartphone or tablet. The platform is currently being prepared for trial and should be available in market later in 2016.   

Zen Thermostat Telstra

John Chambers, Executive Director Home and Premium Services at Telstra, said “Households are on the brink of a digital revolution that would transform the way people interacted with their homes. 

The key to Australians embracing smart technology in the home is to make it easy and simple to use.  Our Telstra Smart Home platform will connect a range of devices through one simple app.  With the strength of the Telstra mobile network and our service and support teams, Telstra is best placed to help lead this revolution and bring Australians the home of the future,” said Mr Chambers.

“Our new Smart Home Platform draws on Telstra’s core strengths in networks and connectivity, while incorporating the company’s investments in emerging services, such as eHealth and media. Of course the Telstra Smart Home will also be available for all customers moving on the National Broadband Network.”

Telstra will unveil its partnership with Zen and have its first public display of the Telstra Smart Home at the Technology and Gadget Expo on 25-26 June at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Zen Thermostat Telstra

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